Characteristics of Some Turkish Lignites and Potential of Using in Agricultural Sector

Yalçın Erik N., Ay F.

European Journal of Engineering and Natural Sciences, vol.3, no.2, pp.42-45, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Recently, a lot of progress have been obtain towards progress on the quality and quantity in agriculture. The advances and development in agriculture depend on mechanisation and the development on the soil characteristic which also help to increase the product efficiency. This study aims to determine some Turkish low rank coal samples for applications in the agricultural sector and assesses the suitability of a certain coal either as soil conditioner or as raw material for manufacturing organic fertilizers. They improve the soil structure and improve physical properties of soil by increasing the exchange capacity and buffening qualities, promoting the chelation of many elements and making these available to plants. Humic substances can ameliorate negative soil properties; improve the plant growth and nutrients uptake. Twenty-six samples of subbituminous coal obtained from several Turkish coal deposits such as Arguvan, Çayırlı, Artova and Zile, KangalGemerek-Divriği were studied. When optimum parameters were used, the most promising samples for utilization are the coal samples from Arguvan, Artova and Zile, since they yielded high HA contents (≥30 wt). Although the Artova and Arguvan samples display high HA contents, they are also rich in S and release Fe, which might be threatening for the plants.