Finite presentability of generalized Bruck Reilly *-extension of groups


ASIAN-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS, vol.9, no.4, 2016 (ESCI) identifier identifier


In [Finite presentability of Bruck-Reilly extensions of groups, J. Algebra 242 (2001) 2030], Araujo and RuAtic studied finite generation and finite presentability of Bruck Reilly extension of a group. In this paper, we aim to generalize some results given in that paper to generalized Bruck Reilly s -extension of a group. In this way, we determine necessary and sufficent conditions for generalized Bruck Reilly s-extension of a group, G R. (G; beta, gamma; u), to be finitely generated and finitely presented. Let G be a group, (3,-y: be morphisms and u is an element of H-1 (H-1(*) and H-1 are the ?-G- and ?-t-classes, respectively, contains the identity element kr of T). We prove that GE R* (G; 3, 7; u) is finitely generated if and only if there exists a finite subset Xo C G such that G is generated by ((boolean OR(i >= 0) X-0,beta(i))U(Uj >= 0X0 gamma(j)). We also prove that C superset of R.* (C; beta, gamma; u) is finitely presented if and only if G is presented by (X; R), where X is a finite set and