alpha-decay half-life calculations of superheayy nuclei using artificial neural networks

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Bayram T., AKKOYUN S. , Kara S. O.

2nd International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences (IC-MSQUARE), Prague, Czech Republic, 1 - 05 September 2013, vol.490 identifier identifier


Investigations of superheavy elements (SHE) have received much attention in the last two decades, due to the successful syntheses of SHE. In particular, alpha-decay of SHEs has a great importance because most synthesized SHE have alpha-decay and the experimentalists have evaluated the theoretical predictions of the alpha-decay half-life during the experimental design. Because of this, the correct prediction of alpha-decay half-life is important to investigate superheavy nuclei as well as heavy nuclei. In this work, artificial neural networks (ANN) have been employed on experimental alpha-decay half-lives of superheavy nuclei. Statistical modeling of alpha-decay half-life of superheavy nuclei have been found as to be successful.