Study of the Order-to-Chaos transition in W-174 with the AGATA-Demonstrator

Vandone V., Leoni S., Assanelli D., Bottoni S., Bracco A., Camera F., ...More

19th International School on Nuclear Physics, Neutron Physics and Applications, Varna, Bulgaria, 19 - 25 September 2011, vol.366 identifier identifier


The transition between order and chaos is studied in the warm rotating nucleus W-174 by gamma-spectroscopy, focusing on the conservation of selection rules of the K quantum number with the excitation energy, where K is the projection of the total angular momentum on the symmetry axis. The W-174 nucleus was populated by the fusion-evaporation reaction of Ti-50 (at 217 MeV) on a Te-128 backed target. The measurement was performed in July 2010 at Legnaro National Laboratories of INFN using the AGATA Demonstrator HPGe-array coupled to an array of 27 BaF2 scintillators, named Helena.