A Study on Al2O3 SiC B4C Reinforced Cu Sn Matrix Composite by Warm Compaction Powder Metallurgy

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Öksüz K. E.

The 9th International Conference on Materials Science Engineering – (BraMat 2015)., Brasov, Romania, 5 - 07 March 2015, vol.1128, pp.123-126


Increasing density is the best way to increase the performance of powder metallurgy

materials. A conventional powder metallurgy processing can produce copper green compacts with

density less than 8.3g/cm3 (a relative density of 93%). Warm compaction is a simple and

economical forming process to prepare high density powder metallurgy parts or materials. Cu-Sn

matrix composites with %2 weight fractions of reinforcement particles were prepared using warm

compaction and sintering. Micro-structural aspects were observed by an optical microscope.

Density, hardness and wear tests were also performed. Abrasion resistance measurements were used

to study the abrasive behaviors of Cu-Sn matrix and its composites. The effects of reinforcement

and preparation methods on the microstructure and mechanical properties of composites have been


Keywords: Cu-based composite, warm compaction, sintering, Al2O3, SiC, B4C.