Assessing the Geological Environment Constituents of the Neogenous Sediments Related to Various Geotechnical Applications

Niemiec D., Marschalko M., Durd'ak J., Zasterova P., Duraj M., YILMAZ I. , ...More

World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences symposium (WMESS), Prague, Czech Republic, 5 - 09 September 2016, vol.44 identifier identifier


The paper aims to assess the geological environment constituents of the Neogene sediments related to different geotechnical applications. The environment of Neogene sediments is a very important geological environment for the Czech Republic as it may be found, for example, below the Quaternary geological structure of the Ostrava Basin. This environment appears as unfavourable from many points of view, but there are also interactions with engineering structures that may also have a positive character.