Listing a Geological Rarity of 'Stone Balls' in Kysuce Among World Geotourism Destinations

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Duraj M., Niemiec D., Marschalko M., YILMAZ I.

World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences symposium (WMESS), Prague, Czech Republic, 5 - 09 September 2016, vol.44 identifier identifier


Kysuce, situated on the border with the Czech Republic and Poland, belongs among distinctive regions in the Slovak Republic. This region offers tourism many interesting sites. Few decades ago, Kysuce offered tourists and visitors well-preserved national architecture, which is nowadays concentrated in an open-air museum Vychylovka. Thanks to the rich afforestation and a sophisticated network of signs for hikers, hiking has been very popular. The ground relief and climatic conditions also encourage winter sports. The world-wide development of geotourism has also concerned this region. Despite a low-varied geological structure, there are unique geological formations that have attracted attention for years. For example, tourists visit the interesting mineralized springs and a remarkable crude oil seep in Korna. Geologically unique are also the occurrences of 'stone balls' from sandstone and conglomerates. This phenomenon has attracted attention of both geologists and esotericism supporters.