A study on structural evolution of Nd142-164 isotopes

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Kara S. O. , Bayram T., AKKOYUN S.

2nd International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences (IC-MSQUARE), Prague, Çek Cumhuriyeti, 1 - 05 Eylül 2013, cilt.490 identifier identifier


Constrained Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov theory with SLy5 Skyrme force has been applied for even-even Nd142-164 isotopes to investigate the structural evolution of Nd isotopic chain. In this work, ground-state energies and charge radii of Nd isotopes have been carried out as in good agreement with the experimental data. The systematic investigation of ground-state shape evolution between spherical U(5) and axially deformed SU(3) for Nd142-164 has been studied by using potential energy curves.