Maturidi Theologian Abu Ishaq al-Zahid al-Saffar's Vindication of the Kalam


CUMHURIYET ILAHIYAT DERGISI-CUMHURIYET THEOLOGY JOURNAL, vol.20, no.1, pp.445-502, 2016 (Journal Indexed in ESCI) identifier identifier

  • Publication Type: Article / Article
  • Volume: 20 Issue: 1
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Doi Number: 10.18505/cuifd.12582
  • Page Numbers: pp.445-502


Abu Ishaq al-Saffar was one of scholars of the Western Qarakhanids' period who followed the Kalam thought of alMaturidi (d. 333/944). His theological works Talkhis al-adilla and Risala fi alkalam, his method in kalam, and frequent reference to his works by Ottoman and Arab scholars indicate that al-.affar is a respected and authorative Maturidi theologian. The article focuses on his defense of the kalam. By adding a long introduction to Talkhis about the naming, importance, and religious legitimacy of the science of kalam, al-Saffar asserted that the kalam should be learned. When systematical vindication of the science of kalam is examined, it is understood that al-.affar is the first theologian who reserved a private and voluminous part for defensing the kalam among H.anafiMaturidis. Even though he does not state its systematic, it can be understood that vindication of kalam in al-Saffar divides into three parts as of explanation, demonstration and refutation. Al-Saffar's defending the science of kalam shows that there were opposite thoughts against kalam in the 4th/10th and 5th/11th centuries throughout in Transoxania. In this period A..ab al-Sadith and Ikhwan al-.afa. were the opposite fronts of kalam. In addition, he was trying to go beyond the oppositions of H.anafi jurists. His vindication is consistent and has scholarly depth because it is able to be against a strong opposition.