The Effect Of Al(2)o(3)-Sic Andb(4)cadditions on Mechanical Properties of Cusnmatrix Composites for Cutting Tools

KerimEmreOksuz K., Bagirov H., YILMAZ H., Silahsor B., Yildirim V.

3rd International Conference on Advanced Materials Research (ICAMR 2013), Dubai, Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri, 19 - 20 Ocak 2013, cilt.685, ss.15-18 identifier identifier


In this study, effect of boron carbide (B4C), aluminium oxide (Al2O3) and silisium carbide (SiC) addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of diamond cutting segments was investigated. The effects of reinforcement particle additions on characteristic of CuSn matrix composites have been investigated. For this purpose, Al2O3SiC and B(4)Caddition quantity was added as 2 wt.%.Samples of segments were processed by cold pressing at 550 MPa, followed by sintering at 850 degrees C/30min. Micro-structural aspects were observed by optical microscope. Density, hardness and wear tests were also performed. Wear behaviour and hardness values of segments changed depending on aluminium oxide, silisium carbide and boron carbide addition. The alloy CuSn-2wt.%.B4C presented the best results, available for use in cutting tools.