Occurrences of Mineralized Waters and Mineral Springs in Kysuce and Their Meaning for Geotourism

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Niemiec D., Marschalko M., Duraj M., YILMAZ I.

World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences symposium (WMESS), Prague, Çek Cumhuriyeti, 5 - 09 Eylül 2016, cilt.44 identifier identifier


Kysuce is a region situated in north-western Slovakia and it borders the Czech Republic on the west and Poland on the north. From the geological point of view, the locality is mainly formed by Tertiary flysch formation. This composition together with the relief of this location created very suitable conditions for occurrences of numerous mineral springs which can be found in this region. The increased concentration of mineral contents in the waters which find their expression not only through taste but also through their typical odour held the interest of local inhabitants already in the past centuries. Currently, they are frequently visited not only by inhabitants of the region but also by visitors to Kysuce. From the geotourism point of view, this region offers more interesting geological phenomena. Some of them, such as a crude oil seep in Korna or occurrences of sandstone and agglomerate stone balls, rank among world unique.