Energy Levels and Half-Lives of Gallium Isotopes Obtained by Photo-Nuclear Reaction

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Dulger F., Akkoyun S. , Bayram T., Dapo H., Boztosun I.

1st NUBA International Conference on Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics, Antalya, Turkey, 14 - 21 September 2014, vol.590 identifier identifier


We have run an experiment to determine the energy levels and half-lives of Gallium nucleus by using the photonuclear reactions with end-point energy of 18 MeV bremsstrahlung photons, produced by a clinical linear accelerator. As a result of Ga-71(gamma,n)Ga-70 and Ga-69(gamma,n)Ga-68 photonuclear reactions, the energy levels and half-lives of Ga-70 and Ga-68 nuclei have been determined. The results are in good agreement with the literature values.