Wear resistance of Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) with the Addition of Bone Ash, Hydroxylapatite and Keratin

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Emre G., Akkus A. , Karamis M. B.

9th International Conference on Tribology (Balkantrib), Turkey, 13 - 15 September 2017, vol.295 identifier identifier


In this study mechanichal and tribological properties of keratin, bone ash and hydroxylapatite by adding to PMMA (known as the main prosthesis material) were investigated. Hydroxylapatite, bone ash, and keratin materials were added as PMMA in to the content of PMMA, in the proportions of %1, %3 and %5, respectively. The resulting mixtures were put into the molds and solidified in order to obtain samples to be used in the wear experiments. Each experiment was conducted by preparing three experimental samples. The wear data were compared according to the average values of the experimental samples. In the wear test, the results were also evaluated according to the average values obtained from each group and the results of the control group. It was observed that, the wear resistance of the PMMA including 3%, 5% bone ash and PMMA including 5% keratin flour were higher than the values of the control group.