SAR and Temperature Distributions in a Head Model Due to Electromagnetic Radiation with Frequencies up to 100 GHz

Kaburcuk F. , Elsherbeni A. Z. , Lumnitzer R., Tanner A.

IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC/URSI Radio Science Meeting, Montreal, Canada, 5 - 10 July 2020


A numerical study is conducted to investigate the SAR, temperature distribution and penetration depth of an electromagnetic plane wave incident on a human head model, for frequencies up to 100 GHz. A multi-layered, planar human head model is utilized for the analysis using the dispersive finite-difference time-domain formulation based on the auxiliary differential equation method along with the bio-heat equation. Numerical results show that penetration depths decrease exponentially with frequency, maximum SAR and resulting temperature rise values increase with frequency. The results obtained in this investigation are useful to evaluate the effect of the EM plane wave incident on the human head model up to 100 GHz.