Natural Oil Seep in Korna - Significant Locality for Geotourism

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Marschalko M., Duraj M., Niemiec D., YILMAZ I.

World Multidisciplinary Earth Sciences symposium (WMESS), Prague, Czech Republic, 5 - 09 September 2016, vol.44 identifier identifier


From the geological point of view, Kysuce does not have such a varied structure as other parts of Slovakia as flysch dominates in the region. Still, there are a number of geological formations, and were included among protected natural monuments in the past. Very frequent are the manifestations of landslides, typical for this type of geological structure, and their impact on the landscape. There are also specimens of large sandstone concretions in several localities, the occurrences of which are unique world-wide. Next, there are several mineralised springs that contain various concentrations of hydrogen sulphide or methane. Such springs demonstrate the abundance of caustobioliths in the deep bedrock. A possibility of natural oil is confirmed by a protected natural monument of a natural oil seepage in Korna. This world unique seepage of slightly paraffinic oil has been protected since 1984.