Çeşitli kanserlerde "glutatyon sistemi"nin araştırılması

Tezin Türü: Yüksek Lisans

Tezin Yürütüldüğü Kurum: Sivas Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi, Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, BİYOLOJİ, Türkiye

Tezin Onay Tarihi: 2013

Tezin Dili: Türkçe


Danışman: Şeker Dağ


Inefficiency of glutathione system that has an important role to defend antioxidant would slide antioxidant/oxidant balance which is in organism to the side of oxidant. Therefore free radicales that has constructed would cause various ilnesses giving harm to organism. Cancer is one of these ilnesses.

In our study; colon; stomach canser and leukemia has been diagnosed; taking blood examples from individuals whose ages are among 18-75, oxidized and reduced glutathione amounts and enzyme activities that addicted to glutathione has been studied. Erythrocyte isolation has been made without any loss of time from 3 ml blood exapmles that were taken from patient and control group’s individuals and erythrocyte hemolizats that were obtained, were kept at –20˚C, dividing to eppendorf tubes for each 1,5 ml for using in the whole analyses.

Haemoglobin amounts has been specified from diagram which was drawn watching transformation to siyanomethemoglobine in 540 nm in existence methemoglobin cyanure. Glutathione S-transferase activity has been specified measuring enzyme amount that has catalysed 1 μmol of S-2,4 dinitrofenilglutathione which has formed in minute using CDNB. Glutathione peroxidase and glutathione reduced activities has been designated watching oxidation of NADPH in 340 nm wavelength as spectrophotometric. G6PD enzyme activity has been designated watching the reaction that has occured in 340 nm wavelength during the constitution NADPH reducing the NADP. Also oxide and reduced amounts has been designated from drawn diagram


watching formation of yellow colour 2-nitro-5-tiyobenzoic acid that has occured in 412 nm wavelength.

In cancer patient’s parameters that we has studied, has been stated significant changes according to healthy individuals. While GST, GR, GSSG values in cancer patients show increase significantly as statistically according to their control groups; depending on the increase of GPx, G6PD, GSH and GSSG, the rate of GSH/GSSG show decrease significantly as statistically.

These changes in activities of enzymes that are addicted to glutathione and oxidized and reduced glutathione amounts showes us that cancer patients are exposed substantially to oxidative stres. It has been truer to be supported these datas doing more genetic studies and studies with more number cancer patients to establish whether these changes in glutathione system are precipitating for formation of cancer or cancer is a result.